How to Paint an Accent Stripe

how to paint an accent stripe

How to Paint an Accent Stripe

Here you can find a step-by-step instruction on how to paint an accent stripe in your home using FrogTape®.

Step 1
If needed, paint your base coat and allow it to fully cure (at least 3 days dry time). In this example, the room was painted a neutral tan color.

Step 2
Measure from the corner of your ceiling using a tape measure. Mark off the distance you want your stripe to start with a pencil. Repeat this step across the length of your wall.

Step 3
Determine how you will level your stripe. You can either use a laser level or carpenters level, then mark off your line with a pencil.

Step 4
Apply FrogTape to the line you created with the laser or carpenters level. Make sure to firmly apply the tape (or burnish), to your surface using your fingers or plastic putty knife.

Step 5
As an option, you can sand the area to be painted to ensure proper adhesion of the paint.

Step 6
Apply paint to the area you've masked off using FrogTape. This will be your stripe.

Step 7
Allow the first coat to dry, then apply your second coat. You should apply your second coat of paint as soon as the first is dry to the touch. This will ensure your paint does not fully cure before removing FrogTape. Remove the FrogTape from your wall.

Step 8
Allow the fresh paint to fully dry before adding decor and furniture.