How to Tape on Textures

How to Tape on Textures

Getting a clean line on a textured surface with FrogTape® alone can be tricky. It is virtually impossible to fill in all of the nooks and crannies that a texture surface has. If FrogTape® doesn't get completely pressed down into every crevice on your textured wall, paint will leak underneath.

If your surface is lightly textured, using a specialized technique may not be necessary. Be sure to firmly press the tape edges down using a knife or 5-in-1 tool. It’s always a good idea to test your taping skills before taping off and painting an entire room.

· FrogTape® brand painter’s tape
· Level or ruler
· Paint – at least two different colors or sheens
· Roller and paintbrush
· Paint trays – one for each color or sheen of paint
· Drop cloths
· Ladder or step stool – depending on desired height of diamonds
· Knife or 5-in-1 tool

Step 1How to Tape on Textures
Apply the tape directly onto Wall A along the corner where it meets Wall B. For this example, Wall B is the surface to be painted.


Step 2How to Tape on Textures
Secure the tape by pushing it down with your fingers into each "nook and cranny"


Step 3How to Tape on Textures
Run a flat tool firmly down the length of the tape to further ensure it is pressed down into the textured surface. You can also use a 5-in-1 tool.


Step 4How to Tape on Textures
Apply a very thin coat of the original color of Wall A onto Wall B and along the edge of the tape. This will activate PaintBlock®; and seal the edge of the tape.


Step 5How to Tape on Textures
Let the paint dry.


Step 6How to Tape on Textures
Using the color with which you want to paint Wall B, apply a coat of paint along the edge of the tape.


Step 7How to Tape on Textures
Paint the rest of your wall.


Step 8How to Tape on Textures
Run a box cutter or utility knife lightly along the edge of the tape in the corner. Be careful not to press too firmly as to harm the surface of your wall..


Step 9How to Tape on Textures
Remove slowly, folding the tape almost all the way onto itself.


Step 10How to Tape on Textures
Enjoy your newly painted accent wall and sharp paint lines.. FrogTape®