How to Paint a DIY Chalkboard Wall

how to paint a diy chalkboard wall

How to Paint a DIY Chalkboard Wall

Here you can find a step-by-step instruction on how to create a painted chalkboard for your
children’s room using chalkboard paint.


Step 1how-to-paint-01
Mark off the edges of your chalkboard area using measuring tape and a pencil.


Step 2how-to-paint-02
Apply FrogTape vertically and horizontally using a leveler as your guide.


Step 3how-to-paint-03
Use a sanding sponge to scuff the painting area so that the chalkboard paint has proper adhesion.


Step 4how-to-paint-04
Apply chalkboard paint with a mini-roller. We used a roller nap meant for fine finishes, but you may want to ask your local paint store to supply you with the proper roller nap for this application.


Step 5how-to-paint-05
Let the first coat dry, then apply your second coat.
Make sure to read the paint can for proper drying time.


Step 6how-to-paint-06
Remove FrogTape immediately after the second coat is applied and allow it to fully dry before use.


Step 7how-to-paint-07
Install a ledge at the bottom of the chalkboard or place chalk buckets nearby using decorative hangers.