About Us

About us

Designing, developing and making pressure sensitive tapes – that’s Shurtape. We’re tape specialists guided by a single purpose: help tape users do their jobs better. And when our tape users do their jobs better an interesting thing happens: everyone in our organization – employees, distributors, customers – wins.

Company Profile


Shurtape Technologies, LLC is a company that manufactures a wide variety of quality tapes, such as paper masking tapes, duct tapes, polypropylene, metalised and foil tapes. The business services the DIY consumer market, the paint and sundries market, automotive, construction, aerospace industries, to name but a few.

The parent company is based and has manufacturing facilities in Hickory, North Carolina. It also has sites around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Dubai, China and most recently in the UK.

Shurtape Technologies' brands include market-leading Duck Tape® brand duct tape. Duck Tape® was launched over 10 years ago in the UK. During this time it became the UK's favourite and Number 1 DIY tape brand. More recently, the award winning and game-changing FrogTape® brand painter's tape was launched, and is soon to be launched in the UK.