Grab your brushes and get ready to reinvigorate your space!

Cloakroom: While typically small, overlooked spaces, cloakrooms offer a unique opportunity to make a style statement. For example, bold colours and large-scale patterns that might seem overwhelming in a bigger space, like a living room or dining room, are often ideal for small spaces. A dark, moody hue screams chic glamour, while a clean white can feel modern and crisp.
Skirting and borders: A new coat of paint on door or window casings, skirting boards and other trim nearly always guarantees your space will look fresher and neater. Beige or white offers a classic look, but don’t be afraid to use colour. When selecting hues, pick those that complement each other on the colour wheel, such as violet and yellow. Use a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape® painter’s tape, to ensure sharp lines and professional-looking results the first time.
Staircase: Your staircase should be more than an avenue to get from one floor to another. Often located in the entrance hall, stairs are usually the first thing guests see, which means that a painted staircase can serve as a major décor focal point. Keep it traditional with two-toned stairs that match the stain of your floors or for a pop of colour, paint your treads a playful hue, like aqua or yellow. Just be sure to apply FrogTape® to protect your skirting board and handrail from paint bleed before beginning.
Fireplace: Updating a fireplace often doesn’t require major reconstruction. A simple coat of fresh paint goes a long way. Create a striking focal point by painting your hearth and mantelpiece a deep, rich hue and extending the colour up to the ceiling. Another option is whitewashing the brick. While it might feel intimidating, it’s actually very easy! Simply tape off the fireplace, mix equal parts water and white paint, then get to work brushing first the grout line then the bricks, wiping the wet bricks and grout with a clean cloth as you go.
The Ceiling: Revive your ceiling – a.k.a. the “fifth wall” – to add dimension and interest to an otherwise "boring" white space. Be extra thoughtful when choosing a colour because this is one wall that is difficult to repaint. Hesitant about a bold hue? Simply going one shade lighter or darker than your walls can be all you need to make an impact.

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