Looking for a quick way to refresh your space? Try out one of these 5 home DIY projects that can be completed in one day.

Refresh the Wall Paint: If there’s one area in desperate need of a refresh, painting is a great place to start. With the right planning (and an early start), you can easily paint a room in a day. Purchase materials like primer, the paint colour of your choice, brushes and rollers, and high-quality painter’s tape like FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape. Made with PaintBlock® Technology, FrogTape® ensures crisp and professional paint lines, so there will be no time wasted on touch-ups. Once you have your supplies, tape the walls, apply primer and paint away. In just one day, a fresh coat of paint will have the room feeling brand new.
Entrance Hallway: Your hallway should give your guests a warm welcome. A few simple solutions for sprucing up this area are organizing shoes, hanging up coats and adding a pop of colour by laying a rug at the door. If you have the space, time and budget, you could consider larger improvements such as adding a bench, shoe storage or a coat rack. Complete the look by adding decorative cusions to the bench or adding vibrant artwork to the wall.
Replace Bathroom Accessories: One way to make a space look more contemporary is to update the hardware and fixtures. This works particularly well in bathrooms where showerheads, taps, towel rails and cabinet handles can be swapped for matching, on-trend matte black or gold finishes. Other small, easily replaced items include shower curtains, towels, bathmats, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. These swaps may seem minor to make, but they can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room.
Organize Cabinets, Drawers and Shelves: Once the hardware has been replaced on cabinets and drawers, open them up and get things in order. Start by going through what you have and decide what can be eliminated. Clearing out clutter is particularly important for open shelves that are visible in the room. Once you’ve decided on what to keep, replace items in an organized manner so they’re easy to find going forward. Sorting out these small spaces can help keep things running smoothly.
Rearrange a Bedroom: Sometimes you just need to look at what you already have with a fresh perspective. Rearranging the furniture in a room can make it feel brand new. It can be as easy as switching which side of the bed the bedside cabinet is on or moving the chest of drawers to another spot on the wall. Best of all, this approach doesn’t require spending money on new items or supplies – all you need is your creativity and imagination!

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